NCO Profiles

No. 1 Squadron Non-Commissioned Officer Staff

All of the unit’s staff are volunteers. Our staff are split into two categories – Officers and NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers). Below is a summary of what NCOs are and the profiles of the current NCO Staff.


Cadets who have completed a significant amount of training with us and have shown leadership ability will be selected by the Unit Commander for promotion to an NCO.

NCOs assist with instruction, supervision and the leading of groups. As they become more experienced they can continue to progress through the NCO ranks. The unit Warrant Officer is the NCO in charge of the rest of the NCOs and is a pivotal role in the unit, with a role as the right-hand to the Commanding Officer.

Warrant Officer Alice Galinski

Warrant Officer Galinski joined the unit at the start of 2016 as a Basic Cadet, and at the end of 2016 was awarded Top Basic Cadet. Early in 2017, she was promoted to LAC, and then attended the Junior Non-Commissioned Officer course at RNZAF Base Ohakea in July 2017. W/O Galinski was selected to be Drill Commander for her syndicate for Final Parade. She was promoted to Corporal upon her return to the unit and was appointed Bravo Section Commander. She was awarded Top of Syndicate during her April 2018 Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Course, and was promoted to Sergeant; she is currently No. 2 Flight SNCO.

W/O Galinski has attended all unit camps that she was able in her time at 1SQN; she regularly participates in unit shoots, bushcraft camps, and has represented the unit at Ex. Silver Sparrowhawk and Davy Drill 2017. In mid-2017, she was selected for the 1SQN ATC Skills team. She also represented 1SQN in Ex Skyhawk, the 2018 ATC Skills Competition. She thoroughly enjoys the challenges, opportunities, and experiences NZCF offer. At the unit, W/O Galinski aspires to be a reliable and capable NCO, and become a senior leader for 1SQN.

In January 2018, she attended the National Aviation: Power Flying course, where she attained her first solo flight, earning her wings; a highlight of her Cadet Forces Career. In 2018, she hopes to attain her marksmanship badge and be selected for National Gliding and National Aviation Navigation

Flight Sergeant Frances Crestani

Flight Sergeant Crestani joined the unit in May 2015. She completed her Basic and Proficiency years and both years was awarded the top dedication award for her flight. She has attended the Junior Non-Commissioned Officers Course in April 2017 and the Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Course in April 2018 and was promoted to Sergeant in May 2018.

She has attended many activities and courses during her time as a cadet, such as unit shoots, the 2017 RNZAF Air Tattoo at Base Ohakea, National Aviation Course Power Flying, and Ex. Skyhawk with the No.1 Squadron Skills team which they ended up winning.

By the end of 2018, F/S Crestani hopes to have gained her Marksmanship badge and hopes to have been selected to attend for the National Aviation Course at RNZAF Base Woodbourne where she hopes she can extend her knowledge of aviation and fly solo.

Sergeant Wiliam Shaw

Sergeant Shaw joined the unit in May 2015. In late 2016 he was promoted to Leading Air Cadet, before attending the Junior Non-Commissioned Officers Course in October 2017. He was promoted to Corporal shortly afterwards, before being appointed Section Commander of Alpha Section. He received the top Proficiency Flight Cadet award in 2016, and the top Advanced Flight Cadet award in 2017. 

SGT Shaw has attended many unit camps and activities throughout his time with 1 Squadron, including Bushcraft, Shoots, Flying Weekends, Davy Drill, and Exercise Silver Sparrowhawk. He was a member of the 2018 1 Squadron Skills Team but was forced to withdraw prior to the competition due to requiring major surgery. SGT Shaw enjoys the challenges provided by being in the New Zealand Cadet Forces, and the teamwork and comradery that comes as a result of these challenges. 

SGT Shaw hopes to attend the upcoming Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Course in July 2018. He also hopes to be able to attend the National Aviation Navigation Course at the beginning of 2019. SGT Shaw aspires to be the best NCO he can be in order to help 1 Squadron grow and develop, and is constantly looking at ways of improving and furthering himself as a leader in the unit.

Corporal Sapir Ben-Shahar

Corporal Ben-Shahar joined the unit in early 2015. In 2017 she was awarded the Aviation Trophy. She attended the Junior Non-Commissioned Officers Course in April 2018 and was promoted to Corporal soon after. She is now Charlie Section commander.
She has attended many activities during her time as a cadet, such as flying weekends and shoots. 
Over the 2018-2019 summer, CPL Ben-Shahar hopes to be selected for the Gliding course as she is keen to extend her aviation knowledge and experience and fly solo, as she has a love for flying.

Corporal Darcy Boardman

Corporal Emily Cager