What We Do


Firstly we will teach you why the plane you’re going to fly doesn’t fall right out of the sky!

The flights we can offer as part of our training include:

  • Introductory power flight
  • Night flying
  • Gliding
  • Aerobatics
  • Cross-country flying
  • Helicopter flying

As a member of the ATC, you will also be able to attend subsidised national flying (and navigation) courses, that can take you right through to your first solo flight in a powered aircraft or glider – Now that’s something most of your mates won’t do!


We’ll teach you how to keep safe and have fun in the great Outdoors. Each year you’ll do a minimum of three camps or tramps, from really easy to quite challenging! We have progressive training, so each year you’ll learn new skills. You’ll also have the chance to attend national bushcraft courses with cadets from all around the country. Some of what you’ll learn includes:

  • Clothing and equipment
  • Food and cooking
  • Use and care of tents
  • Abseiling
  • Stretchers and evacuations
  • Emergency shelters
  • Search and rescue

We’ll also teach you navigation skills as well, so that you are well prepared for where you are going, and so you don’t get lost going there! These skills include:

  • Using maps
  • Following bearings
  • Using visual features
  • Route planning
  • Confirming position

From time to time we run regional camps, which enable you to get to know cadets from other Units in the Wellington Region. Another great way to make friends!



In the ATC, we follow RNZAF drill. The aim of drill is to produce a cadet who is proud, obedient, alert, and self disciplined and to provide the basis of teamwork. You will learn all the drill you need to be able to participate in our nightly parades, as well as formal events such as ANZAC Day and other commemoration events or public displays.

We teach drill with and without rifles, and you will have the opportunity to compete against other units for a Drill Trophy. No. 1 Squadron has won this National competition a number of times.


Each ATC unit has its own target rifles. shooting You will be taught how to be safe with firearms, and then we can take you shooting on a range. All of our shoots are supervised by Range Safety Officers, the officer staff members who have done a special Defence Force course, and we shoot on 22m ranges with .22 rifles.

We have a strong focus on safety. If you are good at shooting, you will be able to participate in local, national and Commonwealth competitions.

Cadets at RNZAF Base Ohakea, holding (not firing) weapons used by the RNZAF

The ATC has a close relationship to the NZDF, and offers numerous opportunities to get a glimpse into it – everything from visiting a base to flying in a military aircraft! In the ATC you will learn both New Zealand Cadet Forces and Defence Force subjects including:

  • Roles of the NZDF
  • Bases and Units
  • RNZAF Aircraft
  • NZDF/NZCF Structure
  • NZDF History
  • Military Customs
Wrights Hill Fortress Visit

The ATC can be a great starting point for those interested in pursuing a career in the Defence Force, though there is no obligation for cadets to join the NZDF. 

FIRST AIDWe’ll teach you about personal and emergency first aid, particularly the skills you need in the outdoors.
First Aid Scenario – including fake blood!


 1 Squadron loves to compete, so we also offer lots of social activities, sports nights and local competitions. These include:  

  • Unit Sports nights
  • inter-flight competitions
  • inter-unit social sports days
  • Unit social activities