We’ll teach you how to keep safe and have fun in the great Outdoors. Each year you’ll do a minimum of three camps or tramps, from really easy to quite challenging! We have progressive training, so each year you’ll learn new skills. You’ll also have the chance to attend national bushcraft courses with cadets from all around the country. Some of what you’ll learn includes:

  • Clothing and equipment
  • Food and cooking
  • Use and care of tents
  • Abseiling
  • Stretchers and evacuations
  • Emergency shelters
  • Search and rescue

We’ll also teach you navigation skills as well, so that you are well prepared for where you are going, and so you don’t get lost going there! These skills include:

  • Using maps
  • Following bearings
  • Using visual features
  • Route planning
  • Confirming position

From time to time we run regional camps, which enable you to get to know cadets from other Units in the Wellington Region. Another great way to make friends!