Safety Considerations

All of the Officers in ATC attend courses that are run by New Zealand Cadet Forces and New Zealand Defence Force. These courses ensure that Officers are trained in all aspects of running a youth organisation, including Risk Management. This means that officers have a lot of support and knowledge in regards to running activities, and we don’t take any aspects of safety lightly. We may be volunteers but we aim to provide a professional service.

Some of the ways that we ensure your cadet’s safety on activities include:
• Always obtaining parental consent for activities
• Obtaining medical and emergency contact information for all activities
• Providing detailed information to parents about our activities, including notices/warning orders signed by the Unit Commander
• Notifying, and obtaining permission from NZ Cadet Forces before any activity goes ahead
• Preparing a Risk Management Analysis for each activity, and ensuring we have the correct number of staff per cadet ratios
• Ensuring we have appropriately qualified officers on each activity. Our qualifications include:
– Risk Management
– New Zealand Mountain Safety Council Qualifications in Outdoor Leadership for bush activities
– Range Safety Officer Qualification for shooting

If you ever have any concerns – please come talk with us.