National Aviation Course – Navigation

Course Aim: The aim of the course is to provide selected ATC cadets with Practical & Theoretical air navigation training.

Course Description: A full time residential course where theory and practical instruction is provided in accordance with NZCAA Private Pilot Licence Navigation syllabus including: Speed/Distance/Time Calculations, Navigation Chart Reading & Plotting and Practical Air Navigation Techniques.

Student Eligibility: Consideration will be given to ATC Cadets, who have met the prerequisites, and:
a. Are a minimum of 15 years of age at the start of course;
b. Have completed the second year syllabus of the Training Manual;
c. Are recommended by CUCDR;
d. Are recommended by AC; and
e. Are approved by HQ NZCF.

Course Pre-requisites: Students attending this course are to be able to fulfil the following pre-requisites prior to attending the course:
a. Meet any medical requirements; and
b. Are able to meet any course flying fees where applicable.

Course Duration (Training Days): 10 working days. Students will also be required to conduct assignment preparation outside of normal working hours whilst on course.