National Aviation Course – Power Flying

Course Aim:
The aim of the course is to provide selected ATC cadets with power flying experience. Where the opportunity and student experience permits, students should be given the opportunity to fly solo in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority Regulations.

Course Description: A full time residential course where theory and practical instruction is provided in accordance with NZCAA Ab-initio flight training syllabus including: Theory of Flight, Effects of Controls, Turns, Climbing & Descending, Stalls, Circuits & Circuit Emergencies and Flight Radio Telephony.

Student Eligibility: Consideration will be given to ATC Cadets, who have met the prerequisites, and:
a. Are a minimum of 16 years of age the at start of the course;
b. Are under the age of 20 years at the completion of the course;
c. Have completed the second year syllabus of the Training Manual;
d. Show a genuine interest in pursuing aviation;
e. Are recommended by CUCDR;
r. Are recommended by AC; and
g. Are approved by HQ NZCF.

Course Pre-requisites: Students attending this course are to be able to fulfill the following pre-requisites prior to attending the course:
a. Meet any medical requirements; and
b. Are able to meet any course flying fees where applicable.


Course Duration (Training Days): 10 working days. Students will also be required to conduct assignment preparation outside of normal working hours whilst on course.