RNZAF Flying Scholarship

Activity Aim: The aim of the RNZAF Flying Scholarship for ATC Cadets is to provide senior ATC cadets with a genuine desire to join the RNZAF as Aircrew the opportunity to learn to fly the CT-4E, experience Service life and be encouraged to pursue a flying career with the RNZAF.

Activity Description: This is an experiential activity conducted for ATC cadets who show a marked interest in joining the RNZAF as Aircrew.

Cadet Eligibility: Consideration will be given to ATC Cadets, who:
a. Are a minimum of 16 years of age the at the start of the activity;
b. Have qualified on the NZCF National Aviation course (Power);
c. Have received a recommendation from the National Aviation course (Power);
d. Have completed the second year syllabus of the Training Manual;
e. Show a genuine interest in pursuing a career in the RNZAF as Aircrew;
f. Are recommended by CUCDR;
g. Are recommended by AC; and
h. Are approved by HQ NZCF.

Activity Pre-requisites: Personnel attending this activity must:
a. Meet any medical requirements.

Activity Duration (Training Days): 19 working days in Summer Holidays. Students will also be required to conduct assignment preparation outside of normal working hours whilst on course.