Cadet Bushcraft Course

Course Aim: The aim of the activity is to provide selected cadets with an enhanced practical experience in bushcraft in order to further assimilate the bushcraft component of the NZCF Training Syllabus.

Course Description: A full time residential activity where theory and practical instruction is provided in: Leadership, Outdoor Clothing & Equipment, Environmental Care, River & Waterway Safety, Navigation, Tramping Skills, Weather, First Aid, Food, Risk Management, Survival Skills and Communications.

Student Eligibility: Consideration will be given to NZCF Cadets, who have met the prerequisites, and:
a. Have qualified on the Junior Non-Commissioned Officers course;
b. Have completed the second year syllabus of the Training Manual;
c. Are recommended by their CUCDR;
d. Are recommended by their AC; and
e. Are approved by HQ NZCF.

Course Pre-requisites: Personnel attending this Activity must be medically fit. Students must be capable of fully participating in a physical outdoor activity conducted over an eight day period consisting of a range of activities including tramping up to 6 – 8 kilometres per day with a pack weight of no more than 1/3 of an individual’s own body weight.