Under Officer Course

12565429_10153881778398535_136118094457945525_nCourse Aim:  The aim of the course is to provide selected Cadets with the knowledge and skills required to perform the duties of an Under Officer.

Course Description:  A full time residential course where theory and practical instruction is provided in: Leadership, Instructional Technique, Drill, Administration/Stores and Training, Life Skills, Introduction to NZCF Officer Courses and Promotion Criteria and NZDF/NZ Police Career (Central Area course only) Overview.

Student Eligibility:  Consideration will be given to NZCF Cadets who:

a. Have completed a minimum of 3 years service as a cadet;
b. Are a minimum of 17 years of age;
c. Are recommended by their CUCDR;
d. Are recommended by their Area Co-ordinator; and
e. Are approved by HQ NZCF.

Course Duration (Training Days): 9 working days. Students will also be required to conduct assignment preparation outside of normal working hours whilst on course.