Other Courses

Air Force Experience

On Air Force Experience (AFE) you and other ATC cadets will spend a week travelling around the Air Force Bases in New Zealand to get an understanding of what is involved with being in the Air Force. You’ll get to see life on base and attend work with NZDF personnel. It’s designed to give cadets a taste of day-to-day life in the RNZAF for those interested in joining once they leave school. This sort of inside look at the Air Force is something very few people outside of ATC get to experience. There is no charge for this course.

Shooting Coaches Course

This is just a short, weekend course to teach you about the theory of accurate target shooting. It means that you will be able to coach cadets in the Squadron on how to improve their shooting so that we can win lots of competitions! There is no charge for the Shooting Coaches Course.