NZCF Glossary of Terms

There are many different abbreviations used within the NZCF. Below is a glossary to assist Cadets and their parents/caregivers. 

The abbreviations for the NZCF Ranks can be found on the NZCF Ranks page, under Info for Cadets/Guardians. 

AA Area Advisor
AC Area Coordinator
AC(C) Area Coordinator (Central)
ASO Area Support Officer
ARes Army Reserves 
ASST COMDT Assistant Commandant 
ATC Air Training Corps
ATCANZ Air Training Corps Association of New Zealand
ATP Annual Training Plan 
AWO Area Warrant Officer
CA Chief of Army 
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CAC Cadet Advisory Council
CAF Chief of Air Force 
CCANZ Cadet Corps Association of New Zealand
CDF Chief of Defence Force
CFM Cadet Forces Medal
CFO Cadet Force Orders
CN Chief of Navy 
CUCDR Cadet Unit Commander
COMDT  Commandant New Zealand Cadet Forces
CO Commanding Officer
CFTSU Cadet Forces Training and Support Unit
DFO Defence Force Orders
DFTTs Dry Fire Test of Training
DGRFYD Director General Reserve Forces and Youth Development
DPTA Drill Purpose Training Aid (the wooden, green rifle cut-out)
DPM Disruptive Pattern Material
DRFYD Director Reserve Forces and Youth Development
FS  Field Service (refers to the headdress “FS Cap”)
FSD Field Service Dress (uniform)
GP General Purpose (uniform)
GSMEAC Ground, Situation, Mission, Execution, Admin & Logistics, Command & Signals (a briefing technique)
HQ NZCF Headquarters New Zealand Cadet Forces
HQ NZDF Headquarters New Zealand Defence Force
IACE International Air Cadet Exchange
JIs Joining Instructions
MSC Mountain Safety Council
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
NZA New Zealand Army 
NZCC New Zealand Cadet Corps (Army Cadets)
NZCF New Zealand Cadet Forces
NZDF New Zealand Defence Force
OIC Officer in Charge
PF Personal Files
RF Regular Force
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force
RNZN Royal New Zealand Navy
RCO Range Conducting Officer
SAA Senior Area Advisor
SECO Section Commander
SCANZ Sea Cadet Association of New Zealand
SCC Sea Cadet Corps
SDAR Service Dress All Ranks
TF Territorial Force
TOETS Test of Elementary Training Skills
USC Unit Support Committee
WNGO Warning Order
WOCA Warrant Officer Central Area
WOCF Warrant Officer Cadet Forces
WODF Warrant Officer Defence Force 
WONA  Warrant Officer Northern Area
WOSA Warrant Officer Southern Area
XO Executive Officer
S1 Business Support Manager
S2 NZCF Information & History Officer 
S3 NZCF Current Operations Officer 
S4 Logistics 
S5 NZCF Future Operations officer 
S6 NZCF Communication and Information Systems 
S7 Training and Education
S8 Training Assurance and Compliance / Inspector General 
S9 NZCF Civic Liason Officer