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Enrolment Process

Due to the nature of our training programme, we typically only have one intake of cadets around Term Two each year. Once you have been in contact with us and had a place confirmed, to enrol your child in the Air Training Corps, you will need to fill out a couple of forms. These will be provided to you, however you can find copies in the “Forms and Notices” section of this site.

These forms are:

  • Cadet Forces Enrolment form
  • Permission to distribute details form
  • Terms and Conditions of Membership
  • Code of Conduct
Trial Period

Your son or daughter may be unsure whether the Air Training Corps is right for them. We offer a four week trial period for new recruits. They can come along during this period without commitment.

The only payment asked for is in relation to any activities that may happen during this period. We may also ask for enrolment forms before attending an activity, however these are not binding.

Cost of Membership


The annual fee is $150 for the first cadet and $120 for each subsequent family member. This helps pay for our running costs and also subsidises activities your cadet may do throughout the year. In addition there is a $60 building levy per family to help maintain the Wellington Cadet Centre.

Reduced rates are available for families with more than one cadet.


A one off payment of $120 is required before your cadet is issued with a uniform. This is fully refunded as long as the uniform is returned to us in full. The ATC uniform is currently worth well over $600 (sometimes combat boots alone are over $200), so this helps us to ensure we get our uniforms back when cadets leave.


Cost is dependent on the activity and the level of subsidy required. Most of the weekend activities are not compulsory. Trams and camps range from $20 – $60 for the weekend. Flying ranges from $40 for gliding through to $210 for a helicopter flight (after subsidy). Shooting is usually free.

These costs are spread throughout the year. There may be additional costs for social activities, extra camps we run from time to time, and special optional activities.

Any money payable to ATC needs to be sent to the Unit in an envelope marked with your cadet’s name and the activity. Cheques are made payable to ATCANZ Wellington Branch, and receipts are provided for all payments.