ATCANZ Wellington Branch

The unit officers are responsible for the administration and training delivery in a unit. However, each Air Training Corps unit has to have an Air Training Corps Association of New Zealand (ATCANZ) branch associated with it. This is often referred to as the “Unit Support Committee”.

ATCANZ is made up primarily of parents from the unit and mostly looks after the unit’s finances, including fundraising to subsidise training. The setting of fees is its responsibility.

Cadet Forces is quite unique in that the volunteer officers take care of all aspects of the unit’s administration and training. Usually the only parental assistance asked for on occasion is with transport. The other way you can help out is to become a member of our ATCANZ branch. Only a small amount of your time is required and the result is a much lighter burden on your wallet, and increased flexibility in the training opportunities the squadron can offer.

If you would like to find out more, please contact the Chairperson Mike Durrant.

Alternately, the Treasurer Angela Mickell.
Phone:(04) 476 7115
Cell: 021 263 7605